Friday, September 2, 2016

The End-of-Summer Rose Wine Spritzer Rules

It kills me that the summer season is so short in New England... all the more reason you gotta enjoy every second of it!  If you are like me, then wine may have accompanied some (most?) of your enjoyable moments throughout summer...

This summer, I decided to bring wine spritzers back.  To be fair, they never actually went anywhere but it had been a while since I had one.

They've been my go-to deck drink throughout summer.  I even created my own little 'signature' spritzer drink, the "60-Second Sangria". 

(Side note: this drink only takes 60 seconds to make when you are making one. It becomes the "10-Minute Sangria", as my family so teasingly lovingly called it, when I tried to make a batch of five at once).

Although I have been making these with white wine (most often with the Vinho Verde from Trader Joe's), I happened to have a bottle of rose in my fridge (also probably from Trader Joe's) that I thought would make for a pretty drink, on a late Friday afternoon, to kick off my Labor Day Weekend (the unofficial end of summer).

The Rules for a great wine spritzer, aka "60-Second Sangria", are as follows:
  1. Put ice in wine glass
  2. Squeeze in juice from any fruit
  3. Drop squeezed fruit in glass
  4. Pour wine (I've been portioning roughly half wine, half seltzer.  Ok maybe a skosh more wine.)
  5. Top off with seltzer water (I've been gravitating towards the yummy flavored ones from Polar lately)
  6. Sit outside and enjoy!
Some of the yummy new Polar flavors I've been taste-testing

Currently, I have grapefruit and lime on hand, in addition to Pomegranate Sangria flavored seltzer water, and my pretty Chilean rose wine... so that was the combo I used for today...

Forgot to add the lime in this pic but at least I remembered to add it in the drink

In the words of one of my favorite 80's commercials (PollyO String Cheese!), this combo was "Belissimo!  Magnifique!  C'est si bon!" (which you will only get if you are old like me ;)

The face everyone who doesn't remember that TV ad just made...
I've used combinations from almost every kind of fruit from oranges to raspberries to blueberries.  All delicious.
My fave deck drink in my fave wine glass... please don't end, summer!

Cheers to the weekend! How are YOU celebrating??

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