Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Monday - Mellow "Old and New" Playlist

I am a self-professed music geek.

No matter what mood I'm in, nothing thrills me more than discovering new music, listening to old favorites or learning about older music that's "new" to me because I've never heard it before.  I can easily spend hours doing this, losing all track of time.

Years ago, when I used to have a long work commute, I was big into making cd's for my car rides.  I labeled them "Car Tunes" and had multiple volumes (I DID mention that I was a geek, right?).

Every now and then, I'll break out a bunch of them that I haven't listed to in a while, especially if I'll be driving a good distance, and make them the soundtrack for my trip.

This past Saturday, already being in a nostalgic mood, I grabbed a few of those cd's for my trip to and from my brother's house.  As I was about 30 minutes into driving home, I suddenly started noticing signs for towns that I shouldn't have been driving through...

Turns out, I was SO into the music that I completely missed my exit for the Mass Pike and just kept driving down the highway, lost in my little music bubble.  Wish I could say this is the first time that has happened but... nope!

Normally, such an incident might have ticked me off... I'm not a fan of unnecessarily doubling my commute... but I was in such a good mood from belting out songs for the past half hour that I didn't even care.

My point is, music is such a powerful tool and - although I'm not condoning getting lost in it while operating a motor vehicle, ha - it can be really, really good for the soul.

I've been in more of a low-key mood lately and listening to a lot of melodic, laid-back music... thought I'd put together a January Music Monday playlist of new, old and older "new" songs that have been helping to get me "lost" :)

Mellow "Old & New" Music Monday Playlist
  1. Radical Face - "Welcome Home"
  2. The Lumineers - "Charlie Boy"
  3. Mumford & Sons - "Reminder"
  4. Dave Matthews Band - "Oh"
  5. The Wood Brothers - "Luckiest Man"
  6. Amos Lee - "Violin"
  7. Blind Pilot - "Look at Miss Ohio" (iTunes session)
  8. The Avett Brothers - "Murder in the City"
  9. Ray Lamontagne - "Empty"
  10. Elliott Smith - "Angeles"
  11. Counting Crows - "Perfect Blue Buildings"
  12. Band of Horses - "The Funeral"
  13. Ryan Adams - "Lucky Now"
  14. The Cranberries - "You and Me"
  15. Brandi Carlile - "What Can I Say"
  16. Eddie Vedder - "Rise" (Into The Wild soundtrack)
  17. Zero 7 - "In The Waiting Line"
  18. Jose Gonzalez - "Stay Alive" (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack)
  19. The Beatles - "I Will"
  20. Lake Street Dive – “I Want You Back”


  1. The Avett Brothers!! Can't wait for the concert!

    1. YES!! Have you noticed that we've started a precedent of going to amazing concerts in March?? ;)