Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bootcamp Workout

Umm, could the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas be any shorter this year??  Unbelievably, Christmas is a week from today and (believably) I'm a little behind on getting certain things done...

  • Only started my Christmas shopping yesterday... with an online purchase that will probably arrive on December 26th.
  • Couldn't find where I packed my Christmas decorations... sooo never got around to decorating (No lie, the most festive thing in my house right now is my roll of paper towels with Christmas trees on them).
  • I know what you're thinking... these decorations are over the top...
  • Never got around to buying Christmas cards... although I suppose sending the ones I bought, addressed, stamped but never mailed LAST year isn't completely out of the question

On the flip side, I've managed to get ahead of myself with regard to getting certain OTHER things done...

  • All of my favorite Christmas cd's are in my car, ready to be heard at a moment's notice.  Technically this is because I left them in there from last year but, hey, they're there.
  • I finally remembered to watch my favorite Christmas special on TV, "A Charlie Brown Christmas", which I seem to miss every year.
doesn't get any better than the classic Charlie Brown dance scene
  • AND... I put together a festive, challenging "12 Days of Christmas" workout for my final Express Bootcamp class of 2013!

I teach a 30 minute class on Tuesday mornings and I love it... primarily because when you only have 30 minutes, you have to be as efficient as possible.  You'd be surprised at how much I can pack into a half-hour sweat session!

Reasons why I really like this "12 Days of Christmas" workout: 

  • It only took the class just over 30 minutes to do (including warm-up and cool-down)
  • It was "challenging yet doable "for all fitness levels
  • Minimum equipment required!  Just a mat and set of dumbbells are all you need... also making this a great at-home workout!
The instructions are simple...

There are 12 rounds...

  1. The 1st round is exercise #1 only
  2. The 2nd round is exercise #2, followed by exercise #1
  3. The 3rd round is exercise #3, followed by exercise #2, followed by exercise #1... and so on.

Check out the workout below... let me know how it goes after you try it!

"12 Days of Christmas" Workout


  1. LOL - this post makes me feel better about the way I have been feeling the past couple days. I seem to be missing my favorite TV specials ( or I fall asleep right after it starts ) or forget about BOTH tree lighting ceremonies that I wanted to attend.

    1. I hear you - such a busy time of year... very easy to forget things when there's so much we want to remember! :)

  2. Hi Moe, I was actually just reading up on your blog and had quick question. I was hoping that you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!


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