Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today Was a Good Day

You know that saying “things sometimes get worse before they get better”?  Yes, it’s a cliche but, as I experienced last week, also VERY true…

I had one of the worst weeks of my year last week.  I won’t go into too much detail because I’d much rather blog about what went RIGHT but needless to say, it was a LONG week. 

Between being in the midst of my crazy, busy time at work, worrying about my cat’s dental surgery last Thursday (which the vet was unsure if Rocky would have any teeth remaining afterward!), working no less than 10-12 hours every day last week and trying to cram in study time for my Wellness Coach exam… I was emotionally hanging by a string once the weekend rolled around.

I think of myself as an optimistic person, and try not to sweat the small stuff, but my limits were definitely tested last week.

Luckily, the weekend did not let me down and proved that hard work – and a positive outlook - will always prevail in the end :)

Oh, and beer. .. hoppy, delicious beer always prevails in the end :)

The reasons I’m smiling today…
  • The power of positive thinking never ceases to amaze me...
    • You may have read my blog post about Kerri’s Crew and the Jimmy Fund Walk that my friends and I did a couple of weekends ago… well, we just received the AMAZING news that Kerri’s treatment is working!!!  She was given the green light to start the final stage of chemo treatment and, after 8 weeks, if all goes well… she will be in remission!  
My girls, aka Kerri's Crew!!
  • I am a newly certified Wellness Coach! 
    • After many, many hours of contemplation, reading and studying (culminating with a multi-part exam this past weekend), I’m beyond excited to begin applying my wellness coaching knowledge with clients and looking forward to new opportunities in my career.

The phrase I was waiting for!!
  • (Unbelievably) I won my age group in a road race!
    • My BFF ran her first half-marathon on Sunday... I was already planning on going to the race to cheer her on but decided at the last minute to run the 5K that was taking place simultaneously.  Since both races started at the same time, I’d be able run the shorter race and still watch her finish afterwards. I was floored when they announced my name... and my BFF placed 3rd in the half-marathon!. 
Yay Team!
  • Rocky has a brand new outlook on life...
    • My cat’s surgery went textbook perfect… not only was the vet able to save his four canine teeth (albeit none of the others), Rocky did fantastic and will feel a million times better moving forward. 
Kitty pain medicine makes Rocky pass out in really weird positions...
  • I got mistaken for a 27-year old!
    • Hey, when you're closer to 40 than 30 like I am, it's kind of fun that someone would think I'm still in my 20's!
  • I'm going to Colorado!

I can’t explain it but I feel like I am going to love Colorado... 
  • Maybe because they are known for good craft beer (some of which I intend to discover)… 
  • Maybe because of the Rocky Mountain views that I'm hoping to take some pictures of… 
  • Or maybe simply because of the environment I'll be in because this conference provides an opportunity to meet other like-minded bloggers and fitness professionals who are passionate about learning effective ways of sharing health and wellness information to the masses. 

Regardless, I am SO forward to this trip and will have a couple of upcoming blog posts solely dedicated to my experiences there.

So.... what is making today a good day for YOU??

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