Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spartans, Bostonians & Jay Z... My Instagrammed Summer Vacation

Today was my first full day back at work after one of the most fun summer vacations I've had in years... I'm feeling recharged and re-energized, which I think is a big sign that it was time well spent!  I'm a firm believer in the "work hard, play harder" mentality BUT not to the extent that you need a vacation from your vacation.  I like a bit of a blend between having fun and a little R&R :)

My week started and ended on a fitness note... track sprints the 1st weekend (part of my 10K training) and the super fun (and super muddy!!) Spartan Obstacle Course Race this past weekend... PLUS lots of family, friends and "Moe" time sandwiched in between.  Although I'm still pretty banged up from Sunday's race (recap post coming later this week), it was the perfect ending to an amazing time off.

Since I can't go anywhere without taking a million pictures, and since it's more fun to look at pics anyway, here's a run-down of what I did on my summer vacation... the instagrammed version...

1st night of vaca!
Got it started by dancing my butt off w/ The Chicken Slacks, an old school R&B/soul/funk cover band, in one of the best Boston dive bars...

... then ran my legs off the next morning w/ track sprints & stadium stair circuits at Harvard Stadium, one of the best workout spots.

Bought some gorgeous craft jewelry at the ASSEMBLED Outdoor Handmade Arts Fair!
(Check out my post about it here)...

...then consumed some delicious craft beer at an outdoor beer fest w/ my BFF

Enjoyed daily breakfast on the deck (with my favorite orange kitty!)...

...and nightly home-cooked dinners under my favorite orange lanterns
(Watch for my healthy recipe recaps coming soon!)

Always learning, even on vacation!
Attended a 1-day fitness workshop to find out the latest in program design...

...and took a break from learning to kick back w/ my page-turner of a vacation book, "What Alice Forgot"

Spent a day with one of my oldest, dearest friends being tourists in our own city - Duck Boat Tour and all!
(Ohh, Boston you're my home)...

...and a night in one of Boston oldest residential neighborhoods, the North End ("little Italy")... Pizzeria Regina and all!
(This picture is from our friends' North End backyard... a real life Secret Garden :) 

Saw The Timberfakes... yep, you guessed it... the one and only Justin Timberlake tribute band...
...then saw the REAL JT w/ Jay Z a couple of nights after at Fenway Park...
One of the best shows EVER!!

Finally- got battered, bruised and barely recognizable in head-to-toe muddiness at the New England Spartan Race!
All the crazy details coming soon :)

What's your ideal way to spend vacation??

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