Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She's Crafty... ASSEMBLED: The Handmade Arts Market

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... VACATION!  I am officially on my week-long summer vacation and ready to relax and unwind. Other than a few day trips, I don't plan on venturing too far from home and that's fine with me.  I rarely have downtime, so this is a welcome change of pace.

I started my vacation off this past Saturday by visiting a really cool crafts fair I was invited to called ASSEMBLED: The Handmade Arts Market at Assembly Row in Somerville.  Luckily for the animal-lover in me, it also happened to be Pet Palooza... complete with a canine aquatic competition!

An outdoor fair with local artisans selling beautiful, handmade items AND furry, four-legged fitness entertainment?? Vacation was off to a good start :)

ASSEMBLED takes place on most Saturdays throughout the summer and offers varying items at each one. Pixiedust Crafts was the event the day that my boyfriend and I went and featured everything from jewelry, photographs, clothing and unique accessories.

One of the first booths that we stopped at was A-List Jewelry where I had an opportunity to chat with designer, Alice Murray.  Although she is only entering her sophomore year of college, this girl is amazingly talented.  I bought a couple pairs of cute, fun earrings that she wrapped up in cute, fun packaging...!

Another booth that caught my eye was Treasure Sisters. They are twin sisters who sell vintage items and recycled jewelry... really eclectic, funky and unique pieces.  I saw a gorgeous turquoise bracelet that I LOVED in which all of the stones were threaded onto some sort of thickly woven twine; however, I noticed that one of the stones was a tad loose. Yvette, one of the sisters, wasted no time busting out her jewelry tools to fix it for me on the spot.

Treasure Sisters also had really cool wine charms... and since everyone should have at least one set of really cool wine charms, I scooped up a cute, girly set :)

Thank god for the Fudge n' Stuff booth so that we could get a quick sugar fix before continuing our day! Penuche fudge should be a main food group.

The final stop before lunch was at Two Orange Cats Jewelry... not only is orange my favorite color but I have an orange cat, so I was inevitably drawn to this booth!  Susan, the jewelry designer, had stepped away from the booth right before I got there but I had a lovely conversation with her husband, John.  

I found two similar bracelets that I really liked and couldn't decide which one I liked better.  John kindly suggested that I wear the bracelets around as I visited the other booths to see if one grew on me more so than the other.  How nice is that??  In the end, I did what any normal shopper would do in that situation... I bought them both :)

We grabbed a quick bite at the Bon Me food truck... my first food truck experience!  I opted for the spice-rubbed chicken rice bowl and was not disappointed.  I washed it down with a Thai basil infused limeade which may just be my new favorite summer drink.  


Helping to make Boston bellies very happy

While we ate, we watched cute little (and big) doggies high jump and long jump into the "dock dogs" pool.  Doesn't get much cuter than that.  All in all, a fantastic experience!

my ASSEMBLED goodies :)

ASSEMBLED takes place from 11am-4pm on Saturdays through Sept. 21st (except Sept. 14th)...  Definitely check it out if you're in the Boston area!

Random pics from the Fair:
booths lining the street

setting up for the doggie high jump

"classy" solo cups

I'm a sucker for lighthouse and boat pics

Disclaimer: I received ASSEMBLED "art bucks" and "truck bucks" in exchange for my blog post about this event.  All views are my own.


  1. I loveee Bon Me! You sound like you had the most wonderful time Moe!! xo

    1. omgg - Bon Me is SO good!! I just discovered they have a brick and mortar place down the street from where I work too... this could be dangerous! :)