Monday, May 6, 2013

My Life in Pictures... and a Boston Strong Outlook

Ahhh... It feels good to be contributing to Fitness MoeJo again :)

Due to some personal obligations and increasingly busier work hours between my 3 jobs (which was not only exhausting but leaving me with very little free time) I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from my blog over the past two months.

I started getting to the point where just thinking about what to post - not to mention WHEN I'd have the time to post - started stressing me out, I knew it was time to step back and re-evaluate priorities.

Since then, I was promoted at one job- which enabled me to step down from another (woo!); managed to streamline my new (2-job!) schedule to be more aligned with my preferred work/life arrangement; and made some fun, new discoveries in the very different worlds of fitness, fashion and... um, fermented stuff ;)

Finally, I am in a place where blogging can organically fit into my life instead of trying to force it to fit.

I am a crazy, fanatic picture-taker (my friends don't call me "InstaMoe" for nothing!), so I'm going to let my lovely iPhone pics from the past couple of months give a taste of what I've been up to...

Perform Better 1-Day Fitness Seminar - Boston, MA

Slideboards, kettlebells, sandbags... basically, what I imagine heaven looks like :)

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) State Clinic - Manchester, NH

Great seminars & hands-on practice... including cleaning up our power cleans!

Hosting the Annual Southie St. Patrick's Day Parade Party

One of many fun perks of Southie living...
Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day!

"Stadium Stairs" Season Begins! 

1st day of Spring = back on my weekly stairs routine! 

UFX Blogger Event at Boston Sports Club

Trying out a new fitness class with other local bloggers...
Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my UFX experience!

Getting Hoppy With It
2013 is becoming the Year of Craft Beer!
Yes, I'm a fitness person who is also very much into a great IPA... 
Tastes even better when it's named after me :)

Kicking off Road Race Season w/ the B.A.A 5K 
The 1st of a 3-race medley (5K, 10K & 1/2 marathon)... thinking of trying all 3 this year.

Sign at the pre-Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

Girls' Day at Nashoba Valley Winery

What's better than the company of good friends while wine tasting??

My College Roommate Spring Reunion Weekend

A weekend away with 6 of my favorite people ever...
the sign pretty much sums it up :)

Blog Better Boston Style Event

Amazing local bloggers' event at The Boston Globe offices where I got to mingle with some very fashionable ladies... and the topic of another upcoming blog post recap!

The 2013 Boston Marathon

I'd be remiss if I didn't share some of my thoughts on what happened two weeks ago today.  The events that took place at the Boston Marathon hit very close to home for me... both literally and figuratively. 

As a Boston resident and Boston Marathon runner who used to live (and work) on the marathon route and grew up watching the runners every year, the bombings affected me deeply.  Such a happy tradition in Massachusetts is never going to be the same; however, I have no doubts that this great city will find ways to come back stronger than ever.

Boston is such a small place and although I don't personally know anyone who was hurt or killed, many of my friends do.  Other friends and co-workers of mine were dangerously close to where the bombs detonated but were thankfully uninjured. 

I've been in the Boylston Street area a few times now that it has opened back up to the public.  My boyfriend and I took a walk past the memorial site after the Red Sox game last weekend.  It literally takes your breath away.  We signed a couple of the memorial posters and took some time walking around.  Here are a couple of pictures that resonated with me...

I was back this past weekend to patronize some of the area businesses that had been shut down for a week.  It's an eery feeling to walk by the boarded up Marathon Sports (in front of the 1st bombing site) and The Forum restaurant (in front of 2nd bombing site) but encouraging to see all of the foot traffic and Boston Strong signs.

As I was getting myself pumped up for the B.A.A 5K race (always held the day before the Marathon), I started thinking that I want to run Boston again.  My dream would  be to qualify... only caveat is that would involve shaving about 49 minutes off my time!  But  hey, as they say... "If no one is laughing at your dreams, you're not dreaming big enough."

Finishing the 2010 Boston Marathon with my BFF... one of the best experiences of my life...

Post-Marathon, the idea of running Boston again is now cemented in my head... It will happen!  Although I'd LOVE to qualify for Boston 2014, that would involve running a qualifying time by September... annnd that may be a bit ambitious!  Still may run one in the fall for the experience though.

It's nothing short of amazing and inspiring to see all of the other races across the country - and across the globe - being run in memory of Boston.  I am even more inspired by the Marathon bombing survivors who are not letting their injuries, amputations, etc. get in the way of living their lives.  They inspire me to be a better person, remind me to focus on what's important and motivate me to live life to the fullest... In other words, to be Boston Strong :)

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