Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bootcamps and Beers

Well... summer is unofficially underway!  Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!  I participated in the Figawi Sailing Race from Hyannis to Nantucket for the 2nd year in a row (and, for the 2nd year in a row, the boat I was on WON!)  The weather was definitely nicer for last year's race but we still had a great time... it deserves a post of its own though, so stay tuned for my Figawi 2013 recap!

Sailboats behind us in the Figawi Race... amazing to see

In the meantime, I wanted to share my latest fitness experience with Ultimate Bootcamp from a couple of weekends ago...

First off, I was nice and refreshed on the morning of the bootcamp because I FINALLY got to sleep in (which, for me, is waking up at 6:30am).  Nothing like enjoying a leisurely breakfast and coffee on the deck without feeling rushed.

starting the day off right...

All in all, I had a pretty nice day lined up... I was going to participate in a sweaty, butt-kicking bootcamp on Boston Common, then get all nice and clean to meet friends (and essentially canceling out all my hard work) while enjoying some cold IPA's at the Harpoon Brewery Beerfest!

The bootcamp was hosted by Blog and Tweet Boston, the brainchild of Jen and Kerrie.  This was my 3rd time participating in one of their blogger events and it definitely did not disappoint!

Ultimate Bootcamp sponsored the workout and Kim was our instructor.  Come to find out, Kim also leads the South Boston bootcamps on Carson Beach, right down the street from me!  I had taken one Ultimate Bootcamp class a few months ago at Harvard Stadium and really liked it, so I was looking forward to this class.  

It was being held at Boston Common, which I was excited about because...
  1. it was absolutely gorgeous out... what better place to get in a workout?
  2. knowing the layout of the Common, I could only imagine what she was going to make us do!  Bring it on, Kim!
Kim told us from the start that it would be a total body workout and she 100% delivered.  She started us off with running a couple of laps, followed by a dynamic warm-up.  Our first drill was a descending pyramid of sprint intervals and jumping jacks.  

After finishing, we ran to a different location (conveniently, next to a hill) and went into a series of squats, squat thrusts, squat jumps and more running.  Apparently, the change of scenery to the bottom of the hill was a calculated one... Kim had us running laps up and down, in between sets of exercises.

Kim also took advantage of the fact that there was an equal number of participants and we paired up for one of my favorite partner ab exercises - throwdowns.

The only pieces of equipment that Kim broke out were resistance bands - and she provided varying tensions.  We worked biceps and shoulders with the bands and stuck with bodyweight exercises for everything else.  I am a HUGE advocate of bodyweight exercises because they're convenient (you can do them anywhere) and there's no equipment required!

Although she definitely factored in water breaks (cautioning us to sip, not gulp) and rest breaks, Kim pretty much kept us moving the entire time.... the hour went by so fast!  She did a great job alternating between the strength and cardio moves and always offered options to modify, if needed.  

The workout ended with 5 sets of bear crawls and burpees (!) and then Kim led us in a cool-down stretch. I definitely felt "worked out" by that point!

bear crawling...

Kim explained that Ultimate Bootcamps aren't always total body workouts... it depends on which program you sign up for.  They are 4 weeks @ 4 days per week or 4 weeks @ 2 days per week.  The 4-day per week schedule breaks it up into designated muscle groups (to allow for rest) while the 2-day per week keeps it full-body.

If you are in the Boston area (or even the greater Boston area) and looking for something different to help you get in shape for summer, definitely check Ultimate Bootcamp out.  A full list of their locations can be found here and their program rates can be found here.  

All smiles after a great workout!

Currently, it looks like they offer classes as far west as Framingham, as far north as Wakefield and as far south as South Boston.  Keep checking their website though because they seem to always be adding locations!  They also recently announced a sale in which you can get your first week of bootcamps for only $39... not a bad deal!  Check out more info about it here.

Kim stressed the importance of hydrating throughout the rest of the day, which I did... at Harpoon Brewery that afternoon :) 

Mmm... beer....
Of course, not before I made myself drink two HUGE water bottles prior to heading over there and finished a third water after I got home.  I know my body well enough to realize hydration is EVERYTHING.  Plus, I had a 1-year old's birthday party to attend on Sunday morning... driving an hour then attempting to socialize, while dehydrated and hungover, would have been really awful!

Even though the brewery is only about a mile from my house, I hadn't been to a Harpoon beerfest in a few years.  I tried their White IPA for the first time (not bad) and was able to spend QT with some of my favorite people.  Awesome day all around.

What is your favorite workout to do outside?  Have you ever tried outdoor bootcamp??

Selfie picture break in between catching up with one of my faves :)

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