Saturday, February 9, 2013

Staying Healthy While Snowed In!

As a New Englander, I've been through my fair share of blizzards.  They have this annoying way of messing up plans, don't they?  Especially fitness plans.

Nemo- the thunder-snowing, crazy wind-blowing, nor'easter that's been laying into the east coast since yesterday (causing thousands of shelves of milk and bread to be cleaned out)- is no exception.

Unfortunately, most businesses - gyms included - had to call it quits earlier than usual yesterday.  Because when your Governor bans all cars from the roads after 4pm or else you'll be fined $500 (or, ya know, jail time)... you listen.

Considering the snow is still accumulating, public transportation is still suspended and the no-driving ban for Massachusetts is still in effect, the chances of most people around here making it out today at ALL, let alone go somewhere to exercise (other than shoveling or snowshoeing) are slim to none.

Is it more challenging to keep up a healthy lifestyle while under "snowed-in circumstances"?

Well, sure.  You're cooped up in your house, bored, nowhere to go and much more likely to get sucked into a marathon of mindless TV shows and movies... not to mention chow down on unhealthy "comfort food" that you might not normally be tempted to eat.

But is it possible?


You have a choice...

  • You can either choose to use a situation like a snowstorm to throw you off track ("Can't work out today, roads are closed!") OR you can choose to move on to plan B, think outside the box and try fun, new no-gym-required exercises.  
  • You can either choose to stock up on processed grocery items OR you can select healthier options  and get creative in the kitchen finding ways to make your favorite "comfort foods" more nutritious.

The choice is yours.


I wasn't able to do the exact workout I was hoping to do this morning because my apartment isn't equipped to mimic my gym... but one skill that I've honed as a personal trainer is the ability to modify workouts on the fly to fit a particular situation.  So I created a simple but effective full-body workout that took me less than 30 minutes to do, from warm-up to cool-down...

Throw on some fun workout music and challenge others in your house to do this with you!

"The Nemo" Workout


If you haven't heard of some of these exercises, or need a refresher on proper technique, check out the exercise glossary at the end of this post.

Other options to get moving?

  • walking or running up and down your stairs
  • shoveling your driveway/steps/sidewalk (and THEN shoveling a neighbor's)
  • breaking out a fitness DVD (or dusting off Wii Fit) that you haven't done in a while

"The Nemo" Kitchen Experiment

After my workout, I decided to try my hand at a new recipe for an online weight management program that I'm running at work.  It's a staple that I grew up with but recently found a much healthier version....

Fruit-on-the Bottom Yogurt... yum!

I've said this before BUT a recipe needs to be virtually fool-proof in order for me to make it.  (And for it to be edible by anyone other than me.) This recipe couldn't be easier and it's better for you (and tastier, IMHO) than store-bought varieties. Definitely being added to my batch cooking recipe repertoire :)

As soon as I get the recipe typed up I'll be sure to post it!

"The Nemo" Exercise Glossary:
Air Squats
Spiderman Lunges
Glute Bridges
Lunge to Knee Lift/Oblique Twist (I added a slight twist at the top, bringing opposite elbow to knee)
Mountain Climbers
Plank Butt Kickers (assume this plank position and alternate bending knees to bring heels to glutes)
Pull-up Burpees (combines a pull-up with a burpee).  No pull-up bar?  No problem... Just do burpees!

Tell me... how do YOU fit in fitness at home??


  1. Love posts like this that really tell people there should not be any excuse for not working out!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! And if I can find a way to work out in my teeny tiny apartment... ANY one can! :)