Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My 20(in)12 Year in Review - Part 2

Making New Year's resolutions is pretty common for most people... my 2012 resolutions included reaching 20 goals in 12 months. Check out #'s 1-10 here and read on for #'s 11-20 :)

#11. Participated in women's empowerment causes
(Photo courtesy of Nicole O'Neil Photography)
I had an opportunity to participate in a couple of worthy and inspirational women's programs in 2012.  A good friend of mine started the Woman's Self-Esteem Campaign and I was so proud to be included in it.  It involved a photo shoot of females of all ages, ethnicity, sizes, etc. that were unveiled at a photo show, which also included participants sharing their own stories.  Take a minute to read more about the project here.

I also attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women and heard stories from amazing presenters such as: Arianna Huffington, Charlotte Beers, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Brene Brown... all of which inspired me to not only reach for higher goals but be a better person. If you haven't seen Dr. Brown's TED Talks, I highly recommend watching.  You can find both of them here.

#12. Modeled for a Photography class
Another close friend of mine (also a photographer) invited me to participate as a head shot model in her class at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts.  It was a great experience and I got to keep the finished product!

#13. Run the Falmouth Road Race
Apparently, the 3rd time trying to get into this race was the charm!  The Falmouth Road Race is a well-known 7-mile race on Cape Cod with a beautiful course near the coast.  It is so popular that you have to enter a registration lottery (if you are a non-Falmouth resident), cross your fingers and hope that you get picked.  It was H-O-T that day so my time was slower than I hoped for but it was a great experience nonetheless.  Oh, and then I proceeded to go stand-up paddle-boarding AFTER running this race.  I don't recommend doing that haha.

#14. Run a 5k road race in November
Ok, so this may not seem like a big deal but I used to have a hard and fast rule about doing road races after Columbus Day... I am not a fan of running in cold weather... BUT I decided to bite the bullet in 2012.  The picture above is from a race I ran this past November in support of building playgrounds in my community (and I got to meet Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins, with me in the pic!).  Running in chilly November was definitely a first for me... but it also set a new record for the number of road races I've ran in one "racing season" (5)... yay!

#15. Take a flying trapeze lesson
What activity should someone with a fear of heights decide to do?  Take a flying trapeze class, naturally.  No lie, the woman holding me at the top had to literally nudge my feet off the ledge the first time I went... It was SO scary jumping off that ledge!  The instructors had us hanging upside down from the bar, doing catches with another trapezer, doing back tuck dismounts... it was intense!  I was reminded of the trapeze scene with Carrie from that episode on Sex & The City, except... in a furniture store.  Details here :)

#16. Participate in a Strongman workshop
I attended a fantastic Intro to Strongman Training workshop hosted by N.E.W.S. and it prompted me to look into the possibility of entering a "Strongman Competition" as one of my 2013 goals!  You can read more about my experience here.

#17. Start working with a personal trainer
In preparation for 2013's Strongman goal, I thought it would be a good idea to hire a personal trainer.   I wanted someone to guide me on what I need to be focused on since this is very different from what I've ever done.  I don't have a picture of me working out with him but this sign was posted at the gym where the Strongman workshop was and I loved it.  Definitely have to keep reminding myself of these rules!

#18. Use my passport
I got my passport in 2010 and had yet to use it... I wasn't going to let 2012 slip away without leaving the country! I ended up taking my 1st trip to Canada a few days after Christmas. (I'm nothing if not last minute haha.)  I stayed in Montreal for 2 nights, visited various parts of the city, including beautiful Old Montreal (which is where the above picture was taken), and can't wait to visit again. My boyfriend and I got there right after a record snowfall covered the city, which only helped to make everything prettier.  (side note- I discovered Pickle Doritos in Canada.  I wish I hadn't because they are amazing.  Very glad they aren't sold in the U.S.!)

#19. Plan a New Year's Eve snowboarding trip
After leaving Montreal, my boyfriend and I drove to Vermont.  We rented a house, along with a number of friends, that slept 10 people in the Northeast Kingdom section of VT and rang in the New Year the way I have wanted to for YEARS.  We took it easy the 1st day, snowboarded on NYE (2nd day) and had ourselves a fun house party that night.  Our house was great... it had a wood-burning stove, cathedral ceilings and gorgeous mountain views.  The above picture is one I took on the way to the house and one of the my favorites from the trip (which is saying a lot because I took about 250 pics!).  Good times had by all!

#20. Re-establish my identity
    I keep this part of my personal life mostly under wraps but the short story is: I've been divorced for about 3.5 years now. I struggled a lot in the beginning as I tried to figure out how to create a "new normal" for my new (and very different) life, post-divorce.  I found myself on an emotional roller-coaster and every time I thought I was getting off, the ride would start back up.

    I won't get too much into those details but my yearly self-imposed challenge of picking new fitness goals to achieve has helped tremendously in getting me back up and running (no pun intended!). I intentionally got ambitious with my goals for 2012 and it paid off HUGE in terms of getting myself back in the saddle.

    Up until last year, I was still using my married name. I realized that in order to continue the process of moving on and re-establishing my life, that would need to change... literally.  As a birthday gift to myself this past June, I took a trip to Social Security and the DMV to finally and officially change back to my maiden name.  I felt like I got a piece of the "old" me restored... and it feels good :)

    The picture above is from a page in a teeny-tiny "Irish Blessings" book that was on the table next to my bed in the New Year's Eve house.  I couldn't fall asleep right away on the first night, so I started flipping through the book... and this quote stuck out for me.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of my 20(in)12 recap, 2012 ended up being a great year for me after a few less-than-desirable years.  I couldn't be more excited for 2013 and looking forward to lots of happy days ahead :)

    **Honorable Mention #1** -- This wasn't something I initially set out to do in 2012 but... I had my very first professional interview!  Lisa Shaughnessy of Agility Social Cues was looking for females to interview regarding their fitness marketing best practices.  I was so excited to do this!  Check out my interview here!

    **Honorable Mention #2** -- In 2012, I became a first-time auntie to the most beautiful twin girls ever.  They will be 1 year old next month and I'm so thankful to have my precious little nieces in my life.

    The look of pure happiness :)

    My next post will share my NEW 2013 goals... I'm taking a slightly different strategy this year!

    I'd love to hear what's on YOUR goal list this year... share in the comments below... and Happy 2013!


    1. You're doing awesome, Moe!

      As a divorcee myself, I totally get the struggles that go along with totally letting go, and it's such a liberating feeling once you can finally let go of the past and just move forward. I think everything happens for a reason, so we need to learn from the past and juts be better in the future!

      Keep up the awesome progress, and can't wait to read about your new goals!!

      1. Thanks so much for commenting and I totally agree that everything happens for a reason! Always nice to hear from someone else who gets it :)

    2. Great post Moe! Every post I read of yours inspires me to do more and stretch myself.

      Although it was many years ago, I still remember when I took back my maiden name and celebrated by getting a new license on my birthday as a gift to myself.

      You're an amazing and strong woman - thanks for sharing your stories and adventures :)

      1. Aw thanks Lisa, so sweet! Thanks for always being so supportive and encouraging. And yay us for being such good gift-givers :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. Much appreciated John :) Thanks for reading!