Monday, November 12, 2012

Choosing Better... I'm a Greatist!

Happy Monday!  I am coming off of a pretty fun weekend... I won tickets from to the Ski & Snowboard Expo on Friday, checked out the South Boston Doggy 5K Race on Saturday morning, had "Friendsgiving" dinner with my fave work peeps on Saturday night and enjoyed a fantastic Fall day in the city yesterday.

A lil' Longtrail IPA & maple-laced cotton candy at the Ski & Snowboard Expo

Doggy 5K Race... seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen

I also had a GREAT discovery in learning that I was chosen to be a Greatist Ambassador!  I'm super excited and truly honored to be associated with this amazing community. is one of my favorite sources of health and fitness info... if you're not familiar with the site, I highly recommend checking them out!

Greatist offers a TON of health information pertaining to everything from healthy recipes, time management tips, workout suggestions, etc.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen me repin a lot of this info to my boards. When I heard that Greatist was starting an Ambassador program, I knew I had to apply.

Their "Health and Fitness Manifesto" completely aligns with my personal philosophy and the fitness geek in me appreciates that every one of their articles and posts are research-based.

The Greatist Health & Fitness Manifesto

According to Greatist: "Everyone has a choice to be more fit, health and happy.  And though our goals and ambitions are often similar, each person is unique, every story is different.  A greatist is someone who chooses better to improve their fitness, health and happiness."

Not only have I chosen this path for myself but I changed careers to be in a better position to teach others how to make health and fitness a priority in their lives as well.

One of my goals in starting my Fitness MoeJo blog was to inspire others to make healthier choices.  Being a Greatist Ambassador holds me accountable to continue impacting people's lives, once small choice at a time.

Although my 20(in)12 bucket list is still going strong, I've decided to start incorporating one small healthy goal each month, in keeping with the Greatist mission...

My November Healthier Choice??

Get more sleep!  

I like to think I am pretty healthy overall but sufficient sleep is definitely one area in which I am lacking.

Chronic sleep deprivation carries over to other areas of our lives... it can cause:

  • weight gain
  • impaired memory
  • inability to concentrate 
  • increased stress hormone activity  

Also... did you know lack of sleep can make you more likely to catch a cold? I have been fighting off the residual effects of a bad cold and sinus infection for a few weeks now and although I feel MUCH better, I'm positive that more sleep could have sped the recovery time up even faster.

So, what's my plan of action?

  • Doing something relaxing before starting my nighttime routine, like drinking peppermint tea
    • Also, ensuring I'm in bed at least 7.5-8 hours before I have to wake up. 
  • Reading a book or magazine to lull myself to sleep instead of articles I have bookmarked on my iPhone.  
    • Research has found that a smartphone's backlight- no matter how dim- can suppress melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles. 
    • Personal experience has found that Facebook-stalking may or may not also have the same effect.
  • Using  my Sleep Cycle app, which analyzes sleeping patterns and wakes me up in the lightest sleep phase so that I'll start my day feeling more rested.  (Seriously, check it out... it's pretty amazing!)
  • Making my bed each morning so that it's nice and wrinkle-free.  All about the ambiance :)
  • Keeping up with my daily exercise!  I sleep MUCH better when I'm working out.

Unfortunately, my commitment to getting more sleep means holding off on putting the finishing touches to my Music Monday playlist until tomorrow.

I'm kinda liking this one though... I was inspired after buying tickets to see Mumford & Sons this past Friday.  I started thinking about all the live shows I've seen (a LOT) and decided to challenge myself to put together a workout playlist based on my favorites.  If you're looking for fun and eclectic, this is will be your mix :)

VIP seats for the Blitzen Trapper show I saw last month.
Well worth the lack of sleep on a school night :)

So, what is going to be your ONE small, healthy goal for November?  
Try it... You'd be amazed at the big changes that can result from taking small steps.


  1. Congrats on becoming a Greatist Ambassador!! I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better!
    Also, I may hae to check out that Sleep Cycle app, interesting! :)

  2. Aw, thanks Marielle :) And congrats to you too, Ambassador! I def recommend the Sleep Cycle app... I thought it would be more of a novelty thing but I'm amazed at how good I feel when I wake up with it. Looking forward to following you as well!

  3. I'm a greatist ambassador too! How exciting! (: congrats!

  4. Yayy!! Congrats to you too Danielle! Love your blog name... Look forward to following you! :)