Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fit Tip... It's About Progress, Not Perfection

I saw this quote in a fantastic blog post I read yesterday from The post discussed how everyone is different; therefore, following the same nutrition protocol that one person may see results from won't necessarily yield someone else the same results.  

At the same time, killing ourselves to fit into a particular mindset of eating (or training) because we think it's what we have to do - or, again, because we see someone else doing it - will also eventually backfire. 

You can't fit someone else's fat loss plan into your own, it just won't work.  As the post states, "You can have the most gorgeous fat loss plan on earth but if you simply cannot do it, it doesn't matter.  Doable will always beat perfect."

I recently had someone say to me, "I started running again this weekend... ugh, I HATE running." (This particular person is trying to lose weight.)  When I asked them why they are running if they hate it, they replied, "Because that's the fastest way to see results!"  

Oh.  It is?  

Have you ever watched a marathon? With the exception of these crazy peeps, marathon runners dedicate a LOT of training time to build the endurance needed to complete 26.2 miles.  Running a marathon is highly rewarding and a tremendous achievement... but long distance running is not a fat loss program. If you've ever been at the finish line of a marathon to witness the athletes that cross it, you've probably noticed that many different shapes and sizes are coming through... and this is after logging lots and lots of miles!  

Not to mention, if you hate to run, what do you think are the chances you'll come up with an excuse to get out of it? 

If you actually DO like to run and find running to be a highly enjoyable form of exercise, that's great!  We are more apt to stick with what we like to do.  You can easily turn running into a fat loss activity by adding intervals such as fartleks to your routine (one of my favorite "random interval" runs is to pick up the pace in between every other light post). If you're competitive with yourself, it's fun to find different ways to challenge yourself at these, such as doing them on a short hill or with a partner.  Then again, as some of you know... my idea of fun is warped...

It's true.  I must have been dropped on the head as a child.

Run for the sheer joy of it, to relieve stress, to get the cardiovascular benefit or to train for an event... but if you hate to run, stop the madness and pick another activity that you'll look forward to, not dread!

The same goes for eating plans... if you read something that says eating multiple small meals a day is the best plan for weight loss but you have a hard time fitting that many in, ok great - do what you can to make a healthy eating plan work for you in 3 meals instead of 6.  I've said it before... it's about progress, not perfection.

For example, one of my posts from last month shared insight from a nutritionist on how she'd coach someone who hated plain water but would drink it if mixed with Crystal Light. Obviously plain water is the healthier choice but any water is better than no water.  

Make the healthiest choice you can that best fits your life. Don't stress if it's not the PERFECT plan... it's about making better lifestyle decisions that work for you to reach your intended goals.  Remember - no plan is going to work for you if you're not following it :)

What is ONE healthy change you've recently made to your routine?

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