Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Fitness Tip - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

It's been a hectic week so I'm a bit late with this week's Friday Fitness Tip, hence the temporary name change :)  Unfortunately, one of the things that added to my crazy week was a miserable bout of food poisoning a few nights ago.  Actually, miserable is not nearly a strong enough word to describe my first (and hopefully last) experience with it but I'm attempting to keep this post expletive-free.  Luckily the worst of it happened overnight but it took about 24 hours until I finally felt back to normal.

The culprit?  Pizza... that I had delivered to me because I was too tired to cook. And I was craving it.
This is how my pizza SHOULD have been delivered..

My boyfriend had kindly batch grilled for me at the beginning of the week; however, I only had enough meals to hold me over for a few days.  My thought process was that I should save my batch cooked food for working hours because I can just cook something for dinner at home.... BUT instead of walking to the grocery store or making something that I had in my fridge or freezer, I decided to satisfy my pizza craving by ordering out.

I knew in the moment that it wasn't the right decision but I was exhausted from a busy day at work and the last thing I wanted to do was cook.  Plus, I didn't want to eat one of my precooked meals because then I'd be short for the next day.

Blah blah... I hope you are recognizing that these aren't legit reasons... they are EXCUSES.  I knew what my day was going like, I knew it would be a long one and I knew that I'd be tired when I got home.  I failed to plan a strategy to handle my nutritional needs and, as a result, set myself up for failure.

Now, this isn't a hate-post about pizza... I love pizza and I'll eat it again and again (from a different place of course) but if I hadn't been so lazy about preparing dinner then I could have saved myself hours of pure agonizing torture (ok, getting warmer with my choice of words for this).  Yes, I could have also contracted food poisoning from a product used to cook at home but... you get what I'm saying.  This was definitely a wake-up call to get my act together.

In short... failing to plan is planning to fail.  Cliche but true.

Obviously, Dwight has never had food poisoning.

I'm definitely getting back into the habit of menu planning for the week, INCLUDING my dinners, as well as making sure my fridge/freezer/cabinets have the staples I need to prepare easy, quick meals on the fly.  Much better plan of action than ordering out for crappy food poison pizza, which wasn't even that good anyway.  Batch cooking has been a lifesaver for me but I need to put more of a priority on ensuring that healthy meals are consumed at home, not just at work.

"Failing to plan..." holds true for exercise programs too. Heading to the gym without a clue of what you are going to do is never a good way to start the workout.  You're more likely to waste time walking aimlessly around trying to figure out what to do next. Also, you can't expect to achieve your fitness goals if you don't know what the heck you should be doing.  A concrete plan of action allows you to get your mind focused, get in, get it done and get out so that you can get results.

One thing competing has taught me is how important it is to stick to a plan...
Putting your plan into action = RESULTS

What are some of your proven planning strategies when it comes to workouts and nutrition?

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