Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top 5 Fave Places to Work Out

A little late with the blog post today but... those 12 hour days aren't going to work themselves :)  It's all good though because today's my Friday!!  Well, technically I'm training a few early am clients tomorrow... but I'll be calling it a day before some people usually START their day!

I'm ditching the city tomorrow (again) and heading straight to the beach... My college roommates and I have this tradition where we all get together on Cape Cod the weekend after Labor Day (all 9 of us!).  Although sadly the out-of-state girls can't make it, it will still be a great time.  Most of my friends have kids now so scheduling get-together's has gradually become challenging over the years.  However, this girls' weekend is one that we have stuck to for a number of years now.  Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to it!

My girls :) ...minus a few :(
What happens at the Cape stays at the Cape :) although I'm sure there will be some funny moments to recap in one of next week's blog posts.  One of my FAVORITE things to do during this weekend though is to go for a Saturday morning run along Bank Street Beach in Harwich Port.  I grew up going to Harwich and I love that I get to go back every year.

I started thinking about some of my other favorite places to work out (inspired by one of the topics in Fitness Cheerleader's September Fitness Blog Writing Challenge) and decided to make my Top 5 Favorite Places to Workout.  Plus it's an excuse to post pretty beach and city skyline pictures :)

In no particular order...

#1) Bank Street Beach
Entrance to the private beach section

The furthest east of where I run to... and then stop to take pictures of shells and sailboats ;)

#2) Castle Island

I feel really lucky to only live a short distance from Castle Island in South Boston.  I'm a few blocks up from the beach and often run along the coast down to this historic Boston landmark.  

Castle Island is a favorite of mine because:
  • It's a nice even-numbered 4-mile long run from my house
  • There is a section of the Pleasure Bay Loop that takes you over the water (ahh love that salty air!)
  • It's located across the harbor from Logan Airport in East Boston, so it's a fun place to watch low-lying planes come in
  • Pretty sunsets and city skyline views
  • Lots of cute dogs being walked
Fort Independence, located on Castle Island
(photo courtesy of Young at Heart Images)

Castle Island by night.  Another Young at Heart Images photo... love this!

#3) Shad Hall (aka, the fitness center I work at)

I've been a personal trainer here for 5 years and I love working at this gym.  I also love working OUT at this gym... anything I could possibly need to get my sweat on is available: kettlebells, bumper plates, prowler, sled, TRX, indoor track, boxing equipment... you name it, we probably have it!
Front entrance... so pretty!
Prowler pushes in the court... not so pretty

#4) Harvard Stadium

If one works right across the street, it makes sense that one would find themselves coming here for a conditioning workout.  One of my favorite conditioning drills involves stadium stair sprints. No better place to do them than in historic Harvard Stadium!

Ugh.  It's a love-hate relationship
Nothing beats having the stadium to yourself on a gorgeous day...

...unless one day David Beckham and team starts practicing in the middle of your workout!  Talk about motivation ;)
Tough to see but he's the one wearing white sleeves. 

#5) Charles River

When I trained for the Boston Marathon in 2010, I did many of my training runs along the Charles River and grew to love running there.  The views of Boston are amazing and on any given day, no matter what time, you're pretty much guaranteed to be among fellow runners, walkers, bikers and rollerbladers, while rowers, sailboats, Boston Duck Tours, etc.. are right next to you on the water. I love my city!

Charles River as seen from a conference room at my work.
Don't the clouds look kinda cool?  I didn't even filter this :)
Same view, seen from the path next to the river
Looking the opposite way down the river.  Love these colors :)

Any one of these 5 places is pretty much where you can find me working out!  Although, tomorrow I'll show you my #1 favorite upper body strength move that I don't even need to step out of my house to do :)

Where are some of your favorite workout spots?

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