Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Monday!

Happy Labor Day!

I got back last night from a weekend sailing trip to Martha's Vineyard, which was absolutely amazing.  It was my first time being there and I'll definitely have a blog post up about it soon.
Watching the sun start to rise over Vineyard Haven Harbor.  
After a 10.5 hour night's sleep last night (!!) I'm enjoying some time off before heading into work this afternoon.  Guess it's true what they say about the sea air making you tired!  This week I'm also starting to implement a couple of changes to my blog...

One of the changes I've decided to make is to start a weekly music playlist. Music is a huge passion of mine and nothing motivates me more than creating a new playlist to workout to... or to just jump start the week with...  So with that, I give you the very creatively named portion of this blog... Music Monday :)

Since it is absolutely perfect running weather in Boston today, I felt that my inaugural list should include some of my endurance running favorites.  I'm someone who prefers a variety of genres in my playlists and this mix definitely reflects that.

However, the common theme here is BPM (beats per minute)... I choose my running playlist songs based on my cadence. I aim for about 180-184 steps per minute, so I try to find songs with a similar beat to maintain my pace.  

Get ready to kick it run it old school...

MM#1 - "It's Funky Enough, so Drop and Gimme 50"
length: 47:11 
  1. U2 - Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World 3:52
  2. 311 - Speak Easy 3:26
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue 3:37
  4. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Rascal King 2:46
  5. Alicia Keys/Beyonce - Put It In a Love Song 3:15
  6. Ludacris - Move B!tch 4:30 (one of my all-time fave songs to run to!)
  7. *Moby - Alice 3:33
  8. Mike Jones - Drop and Gimme 50 4:08 
  9. *Rage Against the Machine - People of the Sun 2:32
  10. Wolfmother - Love Train 3:05
  11. The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough 4:29
  12. *Linkin Park - Points of Authority 3:20 
  13. Oasis - Live Forever 4:38 - slower pace for cool down, if needed 
*These songs are a little faster, about 188-190 bpm.  I like to sprinkle them in throughout my run to crank out some mini-intervals :)

What are some of your favorite running songs??  Leave a comment below!

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