Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday #4 - Get Motivated!

Happy Autumn!!  Such a gorgeous weekend that we had here in New England. Although I've been looking forward to fall, I was ecstatic to still be able to wear my flip flops and shorts ALL weekend long - including on my first apple picking adventure!  I'll be heading to another orchard next weekend too, so will soon be rolling in apples.  Can't wait to bake my first crisp... currently on the hunt for a yummy recipe :)

go go Gadget arms...
I also finally had time to get a relaxing mani and pedi on Saturday morning after my run.  I'm loving OPI's deep, sparkly eggplant color that I got on my toes - "Every Month is Oktoberfest", which I thought was quite an appropriate name.  I always feel so put together when my nails look nice, even if I do manage to mess one up within minutes of leaving the salon... EVERY time... no matter how careful I am.

The beautiful fall weather means taking advantage of outdoor workouts and I had a great stadium stair workout yesterday morning.  I was totally called out by a fellow stair runner though who was quick to point out he hadn't seen me in a bit... yep, guilty as charged!  However, with the Fenway Spartan Race quickly approaching - which also happens to be one of my 20(in)12 goals - stadium stairs are returning as an integral part of my weekly conditioning program.

Fenway Park bleacher view... now imagine them covered w/ mud...
I don't typically listen to music while running stairs but if I did it would be something upbeat and motivating.  Stairs can be a mental game at times so I'd need fun songs that push me beyond my comfort zone and keep me moving... a "musical pep-talk", if you will :)

It occurred to me that I'm going to need a lot of these pep-talks as I step up my Spartan Race training, so I decided to compile a list of songs that fall into this category... and with that, I give you this week's playlist with a few of my favorite motivating tunes...

MM#4 - "Never Gonna Stop Feelin' Alive"
total time: 56:14

  1. AC/DC - Hell's Bells 5:03
  2. U2 - I Will Follow 3:38
  3. Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop 3:09
  4. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Sugarfoot 3:17
  5. DJ Kool & Fatman Scoop - It Takes Scoop 4:34 *I love this "It Takes Two" remix
  6. (w/ Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger) - T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) 4:48
  7. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out 4:47
  8. OutKast - B.O.B 5:04
  9. Linkin Park - Bleed It Out 2:44
  10. Linkin Park - Faint 2:42 *yep, back to back LP... They're so short, it's like one song... Quick, hard-hitting motivation!
  11. Benassi Bros - Feel Alive 4:48
  12. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now 3:55
  13. Timbaland & Magoo (w/ Fatman Scoop) - Drop 4:06
  14. Vince DiCola - Training Montage (from Rocky IV Soundtrack) 3:39 *I don't think I've actually seen this movie but I used to borrow the cd from my dad all the time when I was younger. Something about it just makes me want to... I don't know, go run stairs or something ;)

What are your go-to songs for motivating you to hit it hard in a workout??

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