Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Inspiration...

The 1984 Summer Olympics are the first Olympic games I can remember.  I seriously wanted to be Mary Lou Retton and was so inspired by her. Gymnastics quickly became my favorite sport and I practiced my splits, walkovers, cartwheels, etc. every chance I got.  Of course, I always made sure to point my toes, "stick" the landing after each acrobatic move and dramatically fling my arms up in the air to finish. Years later, my neighbors across the street installed a huge trampoline in their yard which is where I could be found after school practicing back handsprings, flips and toe touches for hours on end.

Although a gymnastic future was not meant to be, those Games marked the beginning of my fascination with the Olympics.  Seeing the best of the best perform and knowing how hard they've been training at their sport - not just gymnastics but all events - inspires me towards achieving higher goals as well. Every 4 years as Olympic fever starts to build, I'm reminded of what the body can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Of course, this year is no different and I'm once again in awe of what these Olympic athletes are doing across the pond... even though some of them are now more than 20 years just a tad bit younger than me!

It's motivated me to do two things:
1. revisit my 20(in)12 Goals
2. sign up for a trampoline class!

The inner gymnast in me has never fully gone away... and although my back doesn't bend the way it used to, I can still jump!  There is an indoor trampoline park north of Boston and, as luck would have it, they just offered a Groupon... Needless to say, I jumped right on that haha!  ...Wait, is this thing on?

Anyway, I'm excited to have something new to add to my 20(in)12 list... and these Olympics have lit a fire under me to continue aiming higher!  20(in)12 is going strong and I can't wait to cross off more goals!

Which Olympic sport inspires YOU the most??

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