Friday, August 17, 2012

My Summer Vacation...

Ahhh... vacation, fiesta, holiday... no matter what you call it, it's fun to look forward to but even more fun to be on :) My 1st week-long vacation in over 2+ years (!!) started at approximately 5:15pm yesterday and I practically actually skipped out of work, I was so excited!  I love my job and all but everyone deserves to take some extended time off once in a while to kick back and enjoy life.

Not that I'll be doing much "kicking back" during my time off... but that's kinda how I roll..  ;)

I started things off with a nice 4-mile walk around Castle Island last night with good friends... what's better than catching up over a bit of exercise??  I had to tie up some loose ends with one of my jobs this morning (ok, so vacation technically didn't start until 10am today) but once that laptop closed, it was 'game on'!  After doing a quick house cleaning, I decided to go shopping with gift cards that have been burning a hole in my wallet.... Gotta love going shopping without paying a dime!

Actually found these when cleaning today... very apropos since nothing says vacation like an umbrella in your cocktail 

The rest of my time off is shaping up pretty nicely as well...

  • Girl Talk concert at the Pavilion tonight (a mashup DJ).  Outdoor concerts on the water - one of my favorite summer activities!
  • My 1st Healthy Living Summit starting at 8am tomorrow!  So excited to meet other fitness bloggers, participate in a Reebok CrossFit workout (hopefully I'm not too sore from Girl Talk dancing!) and attend all the various sessions being offered.
  • Back to the Pavilion for Barenaked Ladies and Blues Traveler tomorrow night - should be a hilariously nostalgic good time :)
  • Fun Run and HLS wrap-up Sunday morning
  • Flying Trapezing Sunday afternoon!

And that's only this weekend!  Next week I'll be heading down to the cape for a few days, visiting my nieces later in the week, meeting up with some old friends and capping off vacation with a camping trip to Hermit Island, Maine for a lot of BBQ'ing, s'mores eating, low-key fun.  Complete with umbrella drinks, of course :)

The beach on the campgrounds at Hermit Island, ME.  I. Can't. Wait.
Where did your summer vacation plans take you??

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