Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Summertime, When the Weather is High...

Happy summer!  It's been a very busy last month and a half for me- and kind of crazy to think that tomorrow is already July 1st- but I am so ready to enjoy summer.  I LIVE for this time of year... not that I don't like spring and fall - both are fine seasons - and even winter has its pros... but I'm a summer girl at heart!  Al fresco dining, beach trips, BBQ's, sangria by the pool, outdoor concerts, running around Castle Island... just a few of my favorite summer activities!

(This is true)

I have a number of 20(in)12 goals that I plan on conquering in the next couple of months including zip-lining, indoor rock climbing, flying trapeze, mountain hiking and kayaking.

I was able to cross off sailing last month, which was SO exciting!  Even more exciting is that I participated in a sailing race!  It's called Figawi and involves 240+ boats sailing from Hyannis, MA (on Cape Cod) to Nantucket over Memorial Day weekend.

This was my 1st time to Nantucket and I feel very lucky for getting to travel to and from in a private sailboat. Admittedly, my biggest contributions as a crew member were making sandwiches for everyone and staying out the way but it was a blast... and the boat I was on won its division!

During the rest of our time on the island, we danced at a few tent parties, took a ton of pictures, discovered a new favorite coffee place (also my new favorite Nantucket fudge place) and rented bikes for a 17-mile bike ride across the island.... all in all it was a pretty great weekend!

Nantucket bike ride scenery - Sconset Light
My "hotel" for Figawi weekend
One of the million pics I took on Nantucket... such a photogenic island :)

Since Nantucket I've...
  • done a bit of traveling (mini-vacation to Florida for a good friend's wedding)
  • spent some QT with my adorable twin nieces (4 months old and cuter every day)
  • been selected to run in the Falmouth Road Race in August (via competitive lottery process)
  • celebrated turning a year older, uh, 28 again :)
  • started my summer conditioning program (hellooo stadium stairs)
  • participated in the Women's Self-Esteem Campaign (a fantastic project being spearheaded by another good friend of mine)
  • modeled for head shots taken by, yes, another good friend of mine and owner of Young at Heart Images (what can I say, I have great friends!)
  • attended the first of many summer concerts ("Cracklin' Rosie git on board..." Oh yes... Neil Diamond!)

Off to a good start and the summer has only just begun!

I have to say, I'm relieved to not be training for a bikini show this summer. I'm still batch cooking and eating healthy but it is so much less stressful to not worry about everything that I consume.  However, I do find that eating clean is the best thing for my body and I feel SO much better when I do.  Of course, I'll still indulge in cheat meals and summertime libations but I'm always conscious of the fact that OVER indulging just isn't worth it.  Plus, who wants to feel bloated while wearing a bikini? :)

I like cold beverage, yeah..
Now that summer has arrived, work will become a bit less hectic for a while... which means more time for blogging!  I'm looking forward to a great 2nd half of 2012, crossing off more goals on my 20(in)12 list and taking full advantage of summertime in New England!

Ciders and healthy BBQ in the middle of nature... my kinda summer day :)

What are your plans/ goals this summer??

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